How It Works

By optimizing your online profile, Bridge and Tunnel makes it easy for new customers to find your business.

Once found, Bridge and Tunnel then automatically collects and stores valuable customer data in our powerful CRM. Fueled by customer information, our remarketing engine automatically drives the outcomes you need to increase revenue and free up time to focus on your business.


Builds Profiles

Powered by your customer data, our marketing engine automatically drives the outcomes that matter most for your business.



Presence Building

These days, your digital footprint is just as important as your local presence. We make sure you stand out from the crowd with improved listings on sites like Google+, Facebook, and Yelp.




Call & Text Tracking

Now that you’re getting found, Bridge and Tunnel helps you stay organized for targeted messaging. Our technology automatically captures incoming phone calls and stores them in our powerful CRM. Also, your optional assigned number can be placed in a program book ad and then can be tracked through the CRM. Based off this data, Bridge and Tunnel can now remarket to your prospects and customers via SMS, automatically


Email Tracking

An industry first, Bridge and Tunnel’s technology automatically captures all of your new and existing customer emails, building robust customer profiles in our CRM for email remarketing.


Drives Outcomes

Our powerful CRM captures your customer data, making it easy to track every interaction with your business.


Feedback New Customers Referrals Reviews Loyalty


As Easy As…$299 per month

(6 month min.)